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Synthetic hydraulic fluid

Basic Identifiers

ID Type BO
4327 steering synthetic

Technical specifications

Specs Typical Values
Flash Point (in C) 157
Pour Point (in C) -51
Viscosity at 100C 5.9
Viscosity at 40C 18
Viscosity Index 320
ASTM D341 Viscosity Chart
ASTM D341 Logarithmic scale

ASTM D341 Viscosity Calculator

You may calculate the viscosity of the oil at various temperatures based on ASTM D341. This uses the two sets of calibration data that we already have in order to calculate the viscosity at any temperature. You may input multiple temperatures at once, seperated by comma.


Format Type File name Language File size
PDS Fluide LDS.pdf English 104 KB
MSDS FLUIDE LDS.pdf English 44 KB
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