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Petro-Canada HYDREX™ MV 36

Wide temperature range hydraulic fluid

Основные идентификаторы

ID Тип масла Тип базового масла ISO VG DIN
8695 Гидравлическое Минеральное HV 32 HVLP


HYDREX™ MV are premium performance, long-life, anti-wear hydraulic fluids designed for use over wide temperature ranges. HYDREX™ MV fluids are recommended for heavy-duty hydraulic applications operating at high pressure and with wide ranges of temperature. They are ideally suited for piston, gear and vane hydraulic pumps used in industrial, marine, woodlands, mining and other mobile hydraulic systems. These fluids offer minimal fluid friction at low start-up temperatures and maintain optimum viscosity at high operating temperatures. It’s high viscosity index, energy efficient formulation helps your bottom line. HYDREX™ MV fluids are approved for use in equipment manufactured by Bosch- Rexroth (MV 22 & 36) and are recommended for use in equipment manufactured by Eaton/Vickers, Parker/Denison, Sauer-Danfoss, Oilgear, Hydreco, Dynex and others. HYDREX™ MV fluids meet the following manufacturers’ specifications: Bosch-Rexroth RD 90220 (MV 22, 36), Eaton/Vickers M-2950-S and I-286-S. HYDREX™ MV is suitable for use where the following specifications are required: USS 127, ISO 6743/4 Type HV, DIN 51524 Part 3 HVLP (MV 22 & 36). All HYDREX™ MV fluids are classified as NSF International H2, and HYDREX™ MV 36 is classified as CFIA Type N2. HYDREX™ MV 36 meets the stringent Komatsu and JCMA HK-1 global specifications. HYDREX™ MV Arctic 15 is a premium, high performance hydraulic fluid designed for extremely cold temperature operations, particularly in arctic climates, allowing hydraulic systems to start at temperatures of -45°C (-49°F) under no-load conditions. It is also inherently biodegradable as measured by OECD 301B and recommended for use in emergency shut-down valves or other critical low temperature heavy-duty hydraulic systems that are required to respond quickly and reliably.

Физические характеристики

Спецификация Типические значения
Температуре вспышки 226
Температура застывания -48
Вязкость при 100ºС 6.3
Вязкость при 40ºС 32.3
Индекс вязкости 149
Диаграмма вязкости по ASTM D341
ASTM D341 Logarithmic scale

Калькулятор вязкости по ASTM D341

Вы можете рассчитать вязкость масла при различных температурах на основе ASTM D341. При этом используется два данных калибровки, что у нас уже есть для расчета вязкости при любой температуре. Вы можете ввести несколько температур сразу, разделяя их запятыми.


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