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Pennzoil MARINE® MOTOR OIL 15W-40

For Diesel and Gasoline Marine Engines

Основные идентификаторы

ID Тип масла Тип базового масла API SAE
6464 marine engine Минеральное CH-4/SJ 15W40


PENNZOIL MARINE® MOTOR OIL is a premium quality motor oil designed to exceed the lubrication requirements of the most modern diesel and gasoline engines used in boating applications. PENNZOIL MARINE® MOTOR OIL provides excellent protection for both four-cycle gasoline engines, as well as two- and four-cycle high performance diesel engines. PENNZOIL MARINE® MOTOR OIL minimizes carbon deposits in the piston ring zone, resulting in less ring wear and less cylinder bore polishing. The benefits are less oil consumption, less ring breakage and less piston skirt scuffing. The acid neutralizing additives in PENNZOIL MARINE® MOTOR OIL help to reduce corrosive wear. PENNZOIL MARINE® MOTOR OIL exceeds API SJ Service Classification for gasoline engine oils. PENNZOIL MARINE® MOTOR OIL provides excellent protection against rust, sludge, and low-temperature deposits which are more commonly a problem in gasoline engines. PENNZOIL MARINE® MOTOR OIL also meets the highest API service classifications for diesel engines (see specific viscosity grade).

Физические характеристики

Спецификация Типические значения
Плотность 876
Температуре вспышки 213
Температура застывания -39
Щелочный номер 10
Вязкость при 100ºС 14.6
Вязкость при 40ºС 105
Индекс вязкости 145
Диаграмма вязкости по ASTM D341
ASTM D341 Logarithmic scale

Калькулятор вязкости по ASTM D341

Вы можете рассчитать вязкость масла при различных температурах на основе ASTM D341. При этом используется два данных калибровки, что у нас уже есть для расчета вязкости при любой температуре. Вы можете ввести несколько температур сразу, разделяя их запятыми.


Format Тип масла File name Language File size
PDS GPCDOC_local_TDS_TDS_160.pdf English 32 KB
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